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Are you working on a complex issue? Do you want to plan something or discuss an important topic?

Do you care about engaging everyone and achieving your goal?

Are you looking for someone who will support you in this?

Facilitation Support is the best solution!

What we do

We facilitate meetings, workshops, dialogue sessions, discussions during events, work or consultation meetings, online and offline.

We choose the way we work based on a sound diagnosis of the situation.

We make sure that the goal of the meeting is achieved, taking care of the communication and relationships between the participants.

We support groups and individuals in formulating the right questions and finding answers to them.

We develop functional materials for the work.

We train in dialogue and facilitation skills.

Are you wondering what we could do together?


Agata Urbanik

I am a facilitator, trainer, supervisor and social researcher based in Warsaw, Poland. I specialise in designing and facilitating meetings and participatory processes. I work closely with groups of people, creating space for good conversation and achieving goals.  I design and conduct social research, including participation research. I teach how to wisely explore needs and create space for conversation. I work in Polish and in English, online and offline.

I graduated from the Institute of Sociology of the University of Warsaw. I am an associate and dialogue facilitator of the Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue. I am a certified trainer and supervisor of NGO Trainers’ Association (sTOP) and a community building trainer of the Academy of Deep Dialogue Psychology (formerly Academy of Process Oriented Psychology).

I have completed, among others, the sTOP Facilitation Training School, the sTOP Supervision School, trainers’ course in inclusive facilitatione, interpersonal training by Halina Nałęcz-Nieniewska, Intensive basic & advanced dialogue trainings (Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue), Lewis Deep Democracy training (Level 1 & 2).

I can talk about complex things in an understandable way. Listen to podcasts (in Polish):

🎧 Listen instead of argue. Practical advice for the polarised
📻 What we need to talk better

Read articles and guides (in Polish):

💬 Interview on facilitation for the portal
📖 Supervision in participatory practice, or how to take care of yourself and others when leading community consultations
📰 Dialogue as a prelude to smart action
🤓 Diagnosis recipe: getting to know young people and local environment
🔎Quo vadis? About participatory local diagnosis

I am one of the founders of the Pole Dialogu Foundation and for many years I was a member of the board of this foundation.


Cooperating on a permanent basis

Justyna Dubanik

anti-discrimination trainer, facilitator, psychotherapist. Graduate of the Gestalt Institute of Integral Psychotherapy, the Academy of Anti-Discrimination Training, the Intense Course of Process-Oriented Psychology, and the Creative Tools 4 Social Change training (Ulex Project). She has supported different groups and communities in communication and development for over 15 years and has conducted participation and strategic processes. In her work, she focuses on creating an environment for meeting and dialogue, which enables the participants to see each other and create solutions, exchange, or listen.

Wojciech Wilk

psychologist and sociologist, graduate of Facilitation and Intervention in Crisis Situations at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences of the University of Warsaw and the Mediation Clinic of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

For 9 years he has worked conducting social research, facilitating participation and strategic processes, and mediation. He conducted meetings for local governments of the largest Polish cities, small communes, civil society organisations, cultural institutions and non-hierarchical groups.

His professional experience includes, among others, working in a team that dealt with internal dialogue at the University of Warsaw, where he facilitated meetings as part of strategic and participatory processes, related to, for example, new investments.

He likes to deal with statistical analysis and data visualization. He combines research work and conducting effective meetings thanks to his love for fast processing and clear structuring of large amounts of information.

Marianna Wybieralska

designer. She designs visual communication. Translating complex content or processes into understandable and orderly messages is what satisfies her the most. She believes that good design, built upon an accurate diagnosis of needs, can efficiently support social activities, engage people, strengthen processes, and navigate through complex issues. She mostly does design for social organizations (among others: Greenpeace Poland, Love Does Not Exclude, Feminist Fund).

In Facilitation Support, she is responsible for:
• creating additional workshop materials, maps of strategic goals,
• composition of final documents in order to make them as efficient as possible,
• designing tools that facilitate discussion difficult subjects: discussion games. She designs both the mechanics of the game, the players’ experience, and the visual layer (examples: “Miasto w Dialogu” for the Capital City of Warsaw, Polska Przyjazna Pszczołom for Greenpeace Poland, Remiks Energetyczny for Civic Climate Summit).


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