Dialogue and facilitation in practice
Different organizations

Dialogue workshops

I base my dialogue workshops on the method by Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue. During the meeting, I reflect and ask the participants how to communicate well, how to make words connect people instead of dividing them and destroying relations between them. I use my own and the participants’ experiences and simple exercises that help to break up the dialogue into pieces and then put it back together.

Facilitation trainings

Facilitation trainings help improve the skills useful for organizing and conducting meetings, with a particular emphasis on:

  • developing the skill of setting and reaching the goal of a meeting,
  • facilitation techniques and active work methods,
  • caring for relations within the group,
  • maintaining the group’s engagement during work,
  • motivating the participants to stay active.

I conducted workshops for institutions and organizations such as the European Solidarity Center in Gdańsk, the School for Leaders Foundation, Greenpeace Poland and Forum Praktyków Partycypacji (Participation Practitioners’ Forum).

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