Marianna Wybieralska

designer. She designs visual communication. Translating complex content or processes into understandable and orderly messages is what satisfies her the most. She believes that good design, built upon an accurate diagnosis of needs, can efficiently support social activities, engage people, strengthen processes, and navigate through complex issues. She mostly does design for social organizations (among others: Greenpeace Poland, Love Does Not Exclude, Feminist Fund).

In Facilitation Support, she is responsible for:
• creating additional workshop materials, maps of strategic goals,
• composition of final documents in order to make them as efficient as possible,
• designing tools that facilitate discussion difficult subjects: discussion games. She designs both the mechanics of the game, the players’ experience, and the visual layer (examples: “Miasto w Dialogu” for the Capital City of Warsaw, Polska Przyjazna Pszczołom for Greenpeace Poland, Remiks Energetyczny for Civic Climate Summit).